Welcome to Real. Simple. Fi.

Create Your Reality. Simplify Your Life. Achieve Financial Independence.

This site is my effort to share, discuss, and encourage my (and your) journey toward financial independence (FI) and beyond. I am not a finance expert, real estate flipper, or investing guru. I’m not a minimalist, penny pincher, or extreme couponer.The RealSimpleFi team is just an average married couple in their 40’s who grew their net worth from $50,000 to seven figures¬†in four years with a little self education, a bit of discipline, and a calculator.

My desire is to show others that achieving financial independence really is a simple process. However, don’t confuse simple with easy. Although the process is not complicated and doesn’t require special skills, it does require a certain degree of effort, a desire to learn, as well as a shift in your perspective of freedom and happiness.

Hopefully, my path will be interesting, inspiring, and useful to others. I plan to discuss numbers and process, tips for finding cash and reducing debt, as well as how the journey toward financial independence promotes feelings of control and, therefore, happiness in life.

I’m also hoping for useful discussion from like minded readers to educate and inspire me as I continue to move toward my goal of FI.

What is Financial Independence or FI?

There are as many definitions of financial independence as there are personal finance bloggers. Truly, it is quite personal, encompassing many variables. For the purpose of providing some structure to this blog, my definition of financial independence is as follows:

Reaching a financial state that enables me and my life partner to maintain a meaningful and comfortable standard of living, with paid employment being optional.

To put it simply, it’s freedom from “the man”. It’s the freedom to choose to remove myself from situations that I don’t feel are in my best interest. Freedom to take risks and explore. All without the fear of financial hardship.

Notice, I haven’t mentioned the word retirement. Although it’s nice to have the option of early retirement in my back pocket, my current plan is to continue some type of fulfilling work as long as I can. FI promotes increased control over your life,¬†enabling you to confidently pursue your dreams. Early retirement is only one option.

In an effort to be more concrete, I’ll provide some numbers. That magic FI number will vary from person to person. Some may say I have already reached FI. However, based on my math and comfort level, my personal goal is somewhere between $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 (I’m leaning toward the upper end). I’m hoping to reach that goal within the next four years by the age of 50. Lofty? Yes. Unreasonable? No.

I’m looking forward to the challenge and would be honored to have you join me.